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Homophobic teen radio host's show shut down


After a video of 14-year-old talk show host Caiden Cowger ranting about “homosexuals” went viral, the teen’s show has been shut down. 

The recording service Spreaker determined Cowger’s online radio show to consist of hate speech and took it off the air. Though a CNN contributor stood up for Cowger and tried to claim he was being bullied for being conservative, countless others have spoken out against his hateful words.

This follows after YouTube also appeared to remove the show from its site, although its resurfaced elsewhere on the site and opponents have started a red-flagging campaign.

“While we not only support free speech, we help it find its way to more people faster and easier with our service that is the audio equivalent of YouTube, but like them, we cannot and will not condone hate speech,” said Spreaker CEO Francesco Baschieri in a statement. “Consequently, we have pulled down audio content from Caiden Cowgar, whose recent gay-bashing clearly crosses the line from free — to hate — speech.”

Good freakin’ riddance. 

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Free speech as a legal concept only guarantees you the right to speak. It doesn’t guarantee you the right to be heard, it doesn’t guarantee you the right to be agreed with, it certainly doesn’t guarantee you the right for your speech to not be challenged by someone else’s speech, and most importantly of all, it doesn’t mean you can’t suffer consequences if and when your free speech is used to cause harm to someone. Which is exactly what sexual harassment, racial slurs, and verbal bigotry are. That’s not censorship. That’s fairness.

Bob Chipman, “Not Okay”: MovieBob on Sexism and Harassment in Nerd Culture. (via jerrymuffinbutt)

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