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And now, with the recent incidents that involved me, involuntarily, I feel that once again a single situation has blocked me from further reaching my pursuit of happiness. This time not only dealing with transphobia, but also racism… to deal with racism and transphobia directly and upfront is very hard to deal with. Even hearing the words being said left me in total confusion and shock. And to have to be attacked in my own community by individuals who felt it was their duty to yell hate speech at not only me, but my family who was with me, and attack me for their own satisfaction of making someone else’s life miserable. I felt that I’ve worked very hard from where I started, to where I’m at now in my life, just to have it all taken away from me.

-CeCe McDonald

send my love to CeCe McDonald today at her sentencing. Learn more about CeCe’s story here: She deserves all of our support.

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re: Brandi’s murder in Oakland


TW: trans murders, trans violence, and this is not an optimistic post, this is me processing publicly

I mostly do not know what to write about Brandi’s murder other than that I am deeply disturbed by the lack of reaction and passivity of many of the people around me. Obviously the mainstream news is not going to report on this without a fucking uproar. Obviously the paramedics did not arrive on the scene until she had been dead for twenty minutes in the lap of an #OO medic. Obviously the institutions that consistently support and uplift the lifes of straight, cis, and white people would be silent on her death. But I am generally appalled by the lack of response and apparent lack of mourning on the behalf of so many people in my life. I am the only trans person who lives in my house, and I feel lucky that last night enough friends were over/staying with us that I was able to sit on my front porch with three other lovely trans folk and cry, and talk clearly and plainly about how much we hate cis people, how we are afraid of being able to survive, how there are no safe spaces for us — not even in our own bodies. I am becoming disallusioned with spending time with any cis people at all, because even when I think that they might “get” me, there are times when the only way I can feel any shreds of safety is to be only with other trans folks, preferably trans folks of color. I wish I had been at her memorial last night, but my friend’s check-in about their time at the memoria/vigil makes it sound like it was dominated by screaming white cis bros (gay and straight) who didn’t know Brandi at all.

I am devastated, I am mourning, I am not surprised. I am violently angry. I am terrified. Brandi was murdered blocks from where my partner and friends live. But it’s like, of course that terrifies us and of course that unsettles us from any small pieces of safety we may have begun to feel, but this happens everywhere. So are we just supposed to be terrified all the fucking time? 

On Thursday night I was at an event in South Berkeley (2 blocks from the Oakland — Berkeley border) that was billed as an “intergenerational queer event” where older white cis lesbians — sparked by a question regarding the inclusion of trans women in women’s spaces — talked about how trans women and trans men (they had no scope of non-binary trans folks) are disgusting, repugnant, vile, hidden rapists. It was every tumblr radscum shouting match but in real life. I had a panic attack, almost vomited, and ran outside to chainsmoke and scream and all I could think of were the murders (and “suicides”) of trans women of color.

About fifteen minutes and four cigarettes later, an elderly white cis woman from our event walked outside, attempted to cross the street and was struck by a car. It was terrible, and gruesome. I am in no way diminishing this. I am not trying to connect the actions of the radscum at the event with this woman, because I have no idea who she is or what her politics are. I was deeply disturbed by the event and prayed for that woman and that she would survive. I watched her get struck by the car, ran to the corner, and stood around while every person around called 911 (my phone was dead or I would have called, too). Within literally no longer than two minutes there were three ambulances, a fire truck, and police from both Oakland and Berkeley on scene. Lots of police. Everyone was freaked out. I heard talks of people from our event wondering if the news was going to show up. Like, queer folks were actually genuinely hoping/curious that it would get written up in the papers, to hopefully “prevent” cars from speeding down Shattuck and hitting another person.

Two days later, when I am trying to figure out how to deal with the aftermath of the event (it was organized by the non-profit I work for) a trans woman is shot and dies in Downtown Oakland, in the arms of an #OO medic, blocks from the fire station and the police station, after police walked away from her. I cannot stop processing these two events in tandem with each other. It is impossible for me to think about Brandi’s murder and not think about the reaction of the people in my house when we found out, the reaction of the queers on the street when that cis woman was hit by a car, the reaction of people when they heard the radscum talk about being disgusted by trans folks, and the institutional response on the behalf of paramedics and police in both occasions. I mean obviously, fuck the police, burn every cop… car, destroy every prison. I am not surprised it happened this way. I am just so jarred by the close proximity of these events in my life, am freaked out by having cis people in my life, and don’t know what to do next. 

How are my partner or my friends supposed to feel safe in the places they live when feeling safe in our own bodies is such a fucking battle? How are we supposed to feel like any form of queer safe space exists, when so quickly we are told at “LGBTQI” events that we are the scum and “cis allies” just sort of hang around not saying anything? Like, really, how am I supposed to feel like having cis people in my life is something I want to try to do, at all, in any capacity? How are we to figure out strategies to survive/fight back/mourn/continue existing when so many people really just do not give a shit whether or not we are alive tomorrow?

Really, fuck everyone, die cis scum.

Rest in Power, Brandi.


Rest in Power. 

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Trans Activist Agnes Torres Murdered In Puebla
Trans activist and respected counselor Agnes Torres Hernández was found dead this past Saturday near the town of Atlixco, Puebla. Reports indicate she was tortured before being killed.
Friends and supporters gathered to mourn and pay tribute to Agnes this evening in Puebla, the state’s capital city. Earlier today, the hashtag #AgnesTorres was a trending topic on Twitter, with thousands posting messages of support for Agnes, her family, and the LGBT community.
Former colleagues of Agnes Torres are demanding a thorough investigation and calling for a special department within Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission dedicated to cases of hate crimes against lesbians, gays, and transsexuals.
¡Justicia Para Agnes Torres!


Trans Activist Agnes Torres Murdered In Puebla

Trans activist and respected counselor Agnes Torres Hernández was found dead this past Saturday near the town of Atlixco, Puebla. Reports indicate she was tortured before being killed.

Friends and supporters gathered to mourn and pay tribute to Agnes this evening in Puebla, the state’s capital city. Earlier today, the hashtag #AgnesTorres was a trending topic on Twitter, with thousands posting messages of support for Agnes, her family, and the LGBT community.

Former colleagues of Agnes Torres are demanding a thorough investigation and calling for a special department within Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission dedicated to cases of hate crimes against lesbians, gays, and transsexuals.

¡Justicia Para Agnes Torres!

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Virginia school district considering ban on cross-gender dress


In an attempt to protect students from bullying and harassment, a Virginia school district is considering outlawing cross-dressing, a vague way to describe students wearing clothing that would traditionally be worn by people of the other sex. 

Administrators in Suffolk, Virginia believe they’ll be keeping kids from the teasing and even suicide that has taken place across the country in cases where students dressed in ways that didn’t “match their gender,” but the ACLU has already spoken up to say the policy is vague and discriminatory. 

James Parrish, executive director of Equality Virginia, suggested that district administrators needed education on issues related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.


“If a girl comes to school wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, is that considered cross-gender dressing?” he told Reuters, adding that a misunderstanding of the issues could actually make the students more susceptible to bullying.


“They’re calling it cross-dressing, but if that individual was wearing clothes that reflect their gender identity, that’s not cross-dressing, that’s appropriate gender dressing,” he said.

A vote will take place in March and the ban could potentially take effect in July. What say you?

Virginia, what are you even doing. 

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Cissexist bigot calls for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies, since the Girl Scouts include *all* girls, whether cisgender or not. I say, we have a Girl Scout buy-out instead, where we buy ALL the cookies to show our support for Girl Scouts of the USA's inclusiveness.






Wow. Just… wow.

Taylor, who claims to have been a Girl Scout for eight years, says in the clip. “Girl Scouts describes itself as an all-girl experience. With that label, families trust that the girls will be in an environment that is not only nurturing and sensitive to girls’ needs, but also safe for girls.” … She goes on to note, “I am asking you to take action with me and boycott Girl Scout Cookies.” The video eventually concludes with a tagline for the Honest Girl Scouts site, which describes itself as a group “concerned with the alarming choices GSUSA has been making,” and “advocating for a change back to simply building girls of good character.”

GSUSA is still committed to building girls of good character. Better yet, GSUSA has finally taken a step forward to outspokenly, actively provide a safe, nurturing space for all girls. I’m genderqueer and I was a Girl Scout for 7+ years. Boycotting a GS fundraiser because of your bigotry is completely against everything you should have learned as a Girl Scout.

[TW for sexual assault]

“With that label, families trust that the girls will be in an environment that is not only nurturing and sensitive to girls’ needs, but also safe for girls.”

Am I reading into this too much, or is this fuckwad implying that [cis] Girl Scouts are at risk of sexual assault by trans girls? Is that what “safe” means? It’s certainly not the first time this busted ass argument has been used.

a few notes

1) you can donate to the Girl Scouts of Colorado if you want to directly support the folks who stood up for that little girl’s right to be a Girl Scout or if you want to support them in a non-comsumery way.


YES! And cowboysaurus, that is exactly what ze seems to be saying. 

Wow. This buy-out is made for me. I hate cissexism, and I loooove cookies. Done deal.

Who else wants to share my cookies? 

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(Forgive the formatting. Might fix it later. Definitely gonna write about the writing process and feelings ‘n shit when it’s not 3:30 am. Enjoy.)
Nate Boyer– female-to-male transgender, age 19
All other characters in the play can be played by different people, or by one person. These characters are members of a society that simply does not know better, and needs proper education. [A man sits in a chair, legs crossed. The light is bright in his face, and it is dark around him, as if he is all there is in this world.]
Personally? I don’t understand why this generation has to make things so complicated. I was brought up in a world where God kindly handed you a pair of chromosomes and you gratefully took them and went on your way to being a perfectly good man or woman. If you’re born with a penis, then you’re a man; if you’re born with a vagina, you’re a woman. What’s so complicated about that?
(From off-stage) And what about intersex folk? What does that make them? Hermaphrodites?
(glances in Nate’s direction, frowning) Is that not the proper term for them?
Oh, can it, you shitstain. (He enters the stage, promptly grabs the man by his shirt and throws him offstage, taking his seat in the spotlight. He smiles brightly at the audience.) Hi. I’m here to speak on the behalf of the G, Q, and T bits of the LGBTQ community. Of course, I’m not sure I’ll ever become a Professional Famous Spokesperson or anything. No, I definitely won’t be following in the footsteps of Auntie Kate. Those are gigantic shoes to fill, you know? I’m far too meek for that. (Modestly shrugs.) For now, I figure some smaller scale education is in order. Now. Let’s recall what that fancy gentleman just said. (He pulls out a piece of paper, probably the script, which has what the man said on it) Hmhmhm… “God kindly handed you a pair of chromosomes and you gratefully (he grimaces) took them and went on your way to being a perfectly good man or…” Okay. First problem: kindly. How is it “kind” to assign random people chromosomes and determine their sex before they have a chance to think for themselves? Secondly, presumptuous much? You can gratefully accept your chromosomes and their implications if you want. If you’re comfortable in the body that was given to you, congratulations, I’m real happy for you. Now, notice how I’m not bossin’ you around and telling you how you should feel. Care to reciprocate that generosity? I am a different story. You go ahead and take God’s Kind XY Chromosome Gift for granted, but I have to deal with this extra X and all of its implications. (he gestures emphatically at appropriate parts of his body as he goes) This voice, these tits, these hips, this cunt… Like hell I’ll be grateful—that’s not a nice thing to do to someone. But let’s take a step back for a second. Your sex-essentialist arguments don’t hold any water whatsoever. You’re saying that, because you were born with specific genetics, you should go off what those genes dictate and never change, right? Think about what you’re saying for a second. You’re saying that children born with HIV shouldn’t take drugs to save their lives; you’re saying that the mentally ill should never take medication to make their lives more bearable; you’re saying that sick people should not receive treatment at all to make things better… Let’s take another step back, away from sickness for a second. You’re saying that people should not shave ever. But, no. What you’re saying is that the sick should graciously accept the genes they were given, and go on their way to being a perfectly hairy person, or a perfectly good sidewalk splatter, a damn perfectly good statistic! (he pauses, shaking his head) Come on, dude. It doesn’t take much to extend actual cohesive, consistent logic to gender. Also, it seems to me that your genetics dictate that you start balding at 35. You keep your hair plugs, I keep my rubber dick. Deal? Now, going onward—
(He is suddenly interrupted by a boy, who comes out of nowhere from the darkness.)
Hi! I know we’ve never met before, but I really need to ask you something.
I know that you’re talking about being transgendered… and I really want to know about when you decided that you wanted to be that. (Nate falters for a second in response.) Sorry! I just want to know more about how this works.
Bro, if you’re really that curious, Google and Wikipedia exist for a reason. Don’t make a spectacle out of me. It’s not my job to educate you. (The boy fades from the picture and Nate returns to addressing the audience. Nate heaves a deep sigh.) That’s not the first time I’ve gotten a question like that… and you know… every single time I’m asked, a series of questions pop into my head. But for the sake of the argument, let’s address that kid’s queries. When did you decide to enjoy wearing boxers? Chances are there wasn’t really a point when you decided that. The reason is because, based on the sex your doctors determined when you were born, you were placed into a box. Inside this box is all of these gender stereotypes that you’re stuck with forever. I would bet a lot of money that, when you decided to wear boxers to school, no one said a thing about it. No one judged your decision to do that when you were changing in front of the other boys in your gym class. Me? When I decided to wear boxers to school, when I decided to wear what would make me most comfortable, you know what greeted me? Ridicule. You know how it feels when you are actively mocked for dressing how you feel best? No, I bet my life that you wouldn’t. Let’s just pretend that you had to change in the girl’s locker room and didn’t look like they did underneath those girly clothes, too, just for funsies. Chew on that for a bit. Now, let’s think about the first time you fooled around with your gender presentation for the gender-bender party. Remember those jokes you heard, the people who grabbed your crotch? Those jabs at your masculinity? Being called a fag? Now imagine if that happened to you. Every. Single. Fucking. Day. It wouldn’t be as funny anymore, would it? I hope you appreciate the fact that your gender isn’t a goddamn joke… Because, when it is… when you feel like every damn day the layman is trying to figure out “what you are,” and have them make incorrect assumptions about you, then you’ll know what it’s like to be me.
(He sighs once more, placing his face in his hands for a second. He raises his head again after a moment, more solemn than previously.) You can only be so assertive about this sort of thing, you know? People don’t realize that it’s not a choice to be trans, because hell, if I had a choice in the matter I wouldn’t be. It’s too devastating. Yet, a lot of people don’t GET that, and the questions I get make me feel less than human. But if you react too strongly to the insults, if you don’t suppress that knee-jerk reaction to flip a table, then you get told, “Oh, you should be more accepting and loving and just inform them,” as if they’re the ones being systematically oppressed. It’s fine if you’re not in a privileged place where you are faced with people like me, or other queer folk, and don’t have access to an education that would tell you about us, then fine, I get it. But… come on. When a so-called liberal arts school can’t even get their shit together with something like this, then something must be wrong. That’s why I—
(A new girl enters the stage to question Nate.)
So if you were born a girl, and think you’re a boy, then how do you have sex?
I—but—isn’t that rude to ask someone when you’ve never met them before?
Well, you’re begging for that line of questioning anyway, since you’re flaunting this identity of yours.
Not any more than you’re flaunting yours. Good lord you are rude. How I have sex and what’s in my pants is none of your business unless you take me out to dinner and find out for yourself.
(scoffs and walks offstage)
(shouting after her) IS IT ACCEPTABLE FOR ME TO ASK HOW YOU HAVE SEX?? (he growls and recomposes himself to continue on with his lengthy soliloquies) Even without trans* people or intersex people, that question is fucked up and full of heteronormative, patriarchal assumptions that we could all do without. There’s so much variation in human sexual behavior it’s overwhelming. Even though I’m a guy and want to penetrate in a traditional manner, it really doesn’t mean jack shit in the grand scheme of things—everyone defines sex differently. My definition of sex is when all people involved consensually believe it is sex; depending on who it is, a fuckin’ hand job can be their Ultimate Expression of Sexuality, as opposed to penetration. But, since you so kindly asked about my sex life, I suppose I can indulge on a couple little secrets: I have dominated the fuck out of more genders than you can possibly think of; this means people born as male, female, or people that identify as either, or everything in between. It never mattered who was penetrated, how, or if there was penetration at all—I was still viewed as a man, and I knew that I was. Also, I can’t help but feel like your question was loaded with, “What does this guy’s genitals look like?” Even if it wasn’t your bent, it’s too overwhelming for me to ignore that hidden meaning. If someone asked what your genitals looked like, you would probably be really offended and perhaps file a sexual harassment lawsuit, depending upon how well you knew the person in question. I can’t see how you could not expect me to not respond similarly when you ask me how I have sex; and to be entirely frank the answer is probably better than you do. (He stops talking as a guy friend from the past enters the stage.) Oh, hey dude! What’s going on?
Actually, I kinda have to tell you something…
Oh, jesus, what’s up? Are you okay?
I wanna talk to you about your transition. I… (Nate dons a look of hurt and extreme disappointment, knowing what’s coming.) I honestly can’t really see you as a boy. It’s hard to process you trying to be one.
…Are you kidding?
Most of the issue is that it doesn’t seem like you’re transitioning at all. Like, you still sound like a girl and don’t look very masculine and—(he notices that Nate is turning red with rage)—What?
Go. We’ll discuss this later.
What?? I’d really appreciate it if you took my feelings into consideration, here—
Just kidding, you’re gone for good. Fuck you and goodbye. (He shoves the guy off stage, fuming.) The ridiculous part is that he didn’t even fucking know me before I started transitioning. Like, someone outed me as being assigned female at birth and he hasn’t looked at me the same way since. Kept asking what my “real name” was and shit. He seemed to get it after I gave him some calm education, but now that he just pulled that on me… fuck him. God…what is his fucking issue? It’s not like it’s some HUGE imposition for him to make the effort to change his pronoun usage, to make me comfortable. If respecting a request like that is so fucking difficult then I can’t imagine how long he’d last in my shoes. If someone cares about having a relationship with me of any sort, then they have to respect me. If you see all of the heaps of bullshit that I face because of this, I expect some amount of sympathy and support. Help me make my life more pleasant than it already is. It seriously doesn’t change a fucking thing about his life. It is NOT a challenge for you to take my goddamn identity into account when you speak, especially when you are actively aware of the fact that I am not a girl. It is honestly depressing that I have to be told to make excuses for my classmates or other people, who are so actively reminded of my identity, and yet still so actively ignore my gender. There is a point at which the reasonable reaction to this bullshit is, “GO FUCK YOURSELF.”
I mean, I tend to be more sympathetic and patient when someone’s known me all my life, but I still gently try to correct them. In a case where I introduced myself to the person as male, with a male name like Nathan, I have significantly less patience. They attribute this difficulty to my supposed femininity, but… it’s really my fucking voice that does it. It’s the fact that my body is so obviously female, no many how many layers I throw on and how tight I bind. What people don’t realize is it’s not my fucking fault that I’m not on testosterone. My parents never had the easiest time accepting that their kid is trans. They absolutely refuse to support my transition past buying me clothing from the boy’s section… So to have my gender, my identity, criticized like it just was, when it’s not my goddamn fault that I can’t do more, is too much for me. I’m constantly on my knees asking for support, to be understood, yet over half of the time I’m still shit upon—
(An older woman walks up to Nate, touching his shoulder.)
Excuse me ma’am, but do you have the time—
(The woman fucks off.)
Let me give you a couple of metaphors for how exhausting this is. Imagine you’re walking into Starbucks or some shit and you place your coffee order. “Coming right up, ma’am,” comes the barista’s response, her assumption slapping you across the face. Imagine that the assumption is a gigantic sunfish, and she winds up (he mimics the motion) and SLAPS YOU IN THE FUCKING FACE WITH IT. It’s just one moment in your loaded day, but you’re stuck wondering, “Holy shit, why did that happen? What was she thinking?” And, most importantly, “What about me says it’s okay to slap me in the face with a goddamn fish?” No matter who you ask, the answer from basically everyone will be, “The way you exist as a human being provokes people to slap you with a fish.” Then you’re stuck thinking about this unfair, fucked up reminder for the rest of the day. Also you smell like a fucking fish.
Or, here, let me give you another example that’s more relatable to everyone. If someone steps on your foot really hard, it doesn’t so much matter that they didn’t mean to or were ignorant about where your foot was; they still hurt you and should have been more careful. Further, someone who’s having their foot stepped on, accidentally or deliberately, seemingly nonstop for a certain amount of time, is eventually not gonna be in much of a place to be forgiving and understanding no matter the reason behind the repeated foot-stepping.
Let me tell you something really sad. I don’t blame you for not having caught onto this yet. (He stands up and starts to slowly walk offstage, still looking at the audience.) My foot was stepped on too many times. So many times that my foot was rendered useless and it had to be amputated. I got hit with enough fish day after day after fucking day that they eventually broke my skull in. No one deserves that, but, you know? Being told just as often to forgive my oppressors anyway because they don’t know any fucking better, even though they refuse to be educated? Even though they continue to maliciously misgender me and call me by the wrong name because they don’t trust my ability to know myself for who I really am? Fuck that. I refuse to live in a world like that.
And so, I stopped. (He stops right at the edge of the stage, crossing himself.) Rest in peace, Nathan Boyer.
(He steps offstage just as a stranger steps onstage, reading an article aloud.)
“Former Texas resident Natalie R. Boyer died Dec. 7, 2012 of blood loss in her home in El Paso. She is survived by her parents and younger sister, who are mourning the loss of their beautiful daughter on the eve of her 20th birthday. Though an opinionated girl, there were no active indicators that she was prone to self-injury or suicidality. Despite that, she was found in her bathroom with several deep lacerations across her breasts and torso…”
Sheesh. What a waste. I bet she could’ve done something with her life, but she was probably too busy focusing on self-image issues or some crap. Oh well. (He tosses the article aside and exits.)

Land of Heat and Knives: The Fish Metaphor [TW for everything transphobic ever, and discussion of self-injury and suicide]


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19 year old transman violently attacked for being trans

19-year-old transman, James Alexander, was violently attacked for being trans yesterday morning while going for a walk in his neighborhood. To get to his destination, he had to walk past the house of a girl he was once interested in who had turned him down in the past (saying that “she can’t be with him because he’s not a real man” and that “she’d consider him IF he had a penis.”, and also calling him a “faggot”.), but he didn’t think anything of it, as he’s lived in the area for three years. He certainly wasn’t expecting what was to come.

As he walked past the house of the girl, she came out, and told him she wanted to talk to him. James stopped, to be polite, and because he figured he’d let her say what she needed to say. She asked him if he is a man, to which he said “Yes.”. She then told him to prove he’s a man. He told her off, and began to walk away.  As he was walking away, he felt someone grab the back of his shirt. The person spun him around to face them, and he discovered that it was the girls six-foot-five, 25-year-old boyfriend, Mark. Mark yelled in his face and also told him to prove he was a guy. James told him to back off, and shoved him away. Both the girl and Mark called James a “faggot”, and he began to cry. The two of them then proceeded to make fun of James for crying, saying “Oh look, the little girl is crying”. James started to walk away again, as Mark approached him and punched him in the face, right in the eye.. and continued hitting him repeatedly, while laughing, because James was crying.

James, who is significantly smaller than Mark, at five-foot-eight, and is not a violent person at all, defended himself as best he could, and got away.. but not before he sustained injuries to his face and hand, as well as psychological trauma.

James’ mother called the police, and also had him take photos of his injuries.. but it would seem that Mark is not going to be charged, after all. James explains, “It’s his word against mine. He has his mom, his girl, and three other people saying he didn’t do anything.. so even though I have a broken face and can’t physically stop crying or shaking, he is just getting a warning. I’m pressing charges, but he won’t be arrested. Just told to go to court on a certain day I guess.”

The bottom line is that he was attacked for a specific reason; for being trans. That qualifies what happened to him as a hate crime. This was a violent transphobic attack, and the guy who did this to this 19 year old transman, needs to be charged and convicted accordingly. It’s unfortunate that they won’t arrest Mark.. but I do hope that once this goes to court, he’s punished. He shouldn’t be able to just get away with this. Too many times has an incident like this happened, and the attacker gone free. It’s time we (transgender individuals) started being taken seriously when things like this happen to us.

If anyone who is reading this knows of any resources that could help James to ensure his attacker is convicted (legal counsel for trans people, etc), he can be contacted at

Also, if you’re a journalist who would like to write about this, I encourage you to do so, as increasing awareness about this incident is very important. There needs to be a huge public outcry about this. This boy needs all the support he can get. Then, maybe something will be done.
Once again, James can be contacted at

Please reblog. Infinitely. The world must hear about this. 

No one should have to go through anything like this. Everyone has the right to be who they are, and accepted. I hope beyond hope that Mark is arrested for doing this.

On top of all that, Mark is pressing charges against James. Because he hit back. Once. In self-defense. And Mark doesn’t have a scratch on him. But the police still showed up at James’ door. He doesn’t deserve something this horrible, nobody does.

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